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Saturday, August 10, 2019

REVIEW : ACCOMMODATIONS - Blue Hole Mineral Springs, Brighton, Jamaica

REVIEW : ACCOMMODATIONS -  Blue Hole Mineral Springs, Brighton, Jamaica

If you’ve been reading over my blog you’ve seen a lot of posts about our experience in Jamaica, and a lot of them featured the hotel and experience at the Blue Hole Mineral Springs. But I wanted to give Blue Hole a chance to shine in its own blog post with this review. When I visited the Blue Hole Mineral Springs, I was not yet a travel blogger. And they have no idea I’m going to write this review.

The hotel at Blue Hole Mineral Springs is probably the best kept secret in terms of places that travellers really should check out in Jamaica!   It's a secret that should be more widely known…that would make a lot of tourists trips to Jamaica even more unforgettable and would be of huge benefit to the people of this special community.

When you search for info about Blue Hole Mineral Springs online, you find some detail about the mineral springs itself - not the hotel but the hole where you can jump 25 feet into a 35 foot deep mineral spring water cave ...or maybe you jump 35 feet into a 25 foot deep cave - I can’t quite remember.  Blame Jamaica's fine crops (which I enjoyed thoroughly for that maybe! I enjoyed watching the young men and some of the tourists perform this crazy heart stopping feat... but I knew before I even got there that I wasn’t going to be brave enough to try.

My husband Dave and my son Cassidy weren’t even tempted either, none of us are daredevils. I was pretty grateful because this wife and mother would’ve been a lot more stressed if I had to watch either one of them make that jump!  Anyway when you search Blue Hole Mineral Springs online you do find information about this quaint little tourist attraction. But what you don’t find is detail about the amazing Hotel built at the blue hole by Wabba and his family...

This is the structure that I’ve explained to the other posts, the one that looks to me like the 16th century Florence mansion. You had to read through a lot of reviews before you found some comment about the hotel but when you did you could tell that it was stellar. Unfortunately most of the comments said things like, " I saw the hotel when I came to visit the blue hole mineral springs and didn’t know it was here, the people were really nice and they brought me up to see the beautiful view, if I had only known it was here I would’ve stayed at the blue hole instead of in Negril.

Check out the swimming pool, filled with water from the underground mineral water hole...seriously, paradise   :

So, we on the other hand were lucky to be staying there -  A far superior experience to what could be had at any of the American resort all American on resorts in Negril that also take all the profits away from the locals and put it right into the pockets of giant US corporations offering the same generic gated beach experience in Jamaica as they do everywhere else - the kind where except for the themed drinks you might as well have stayed back home on the beach stateside.  For a more legit experience of the country, you can't do better than to spend some time here.  Yep, it's HIGHly recommended!

Online we had read about the beautiful stonework in the bathrooms, the rooms, the view from the rooftop bar, and I’ve told you about all of these in previous posts - all of it absolutely stellar.

Super special touches like being greeted on entry with a towel folded carefully and perfectly in the shape of a swan.

Big, clean, brightly painted spacious rooms with giant handcrafted four poster beds with the most comfortable mattresses and bedding for a sleeping  experience fit for a queen…This ain't no cookie cutter hotel room … and you are going to love that!

Son chilling in the outdoor bar area 

Check out some video of the grounds that Dave called Just Another Day In Paradise 

Not So Good: 
Could do without some of the gangsta rap blasting out of the speakers near the pool
Half an hour from Negril up a pretty scary mountain road

 Great :
Amazing friendly people
Your dollar supports locals
They treat you like family
Amazing, fresh, locally sourced food
Big beautiful rooms
Great cannabis in region
Great conversations with locals
Great views from rooftop bar and balcony

Overall :  Unique and original luxury Caribbean experience : 4.9 stars

How To Get There :

Retreat Hotel is located at Blue Hole Mineral Spring only 6 miles southeast of Negril in Little Bay 33301 Jamaica and 50 KM from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.

What Other People Said : https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g1625485-d7986719-Reviews-Blue_Hole_Mineral_Spring-Little_Bay_Westmoreland_Parish_Jamaica.html

Visit The Blue Hole online : http://www.blueholejamaica.com

On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BlueHoleMineralSpringJamaica/

Watch Wabba Owner of the Blue Hole Mineral Spring Negril, Jamaica

Watch a Video from Youtube taking you around the Blue Hole Mineral Springs and resort

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