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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Walking Across The US / Canada Border To Niagara Falls, New York - Sept 2018

Travel flashback to that time my husband, son and I WALKED across
the U.S Border to have dinner in New York State ...

I was in Niagara Falls, Canada for a few days on a business trip and my husband
Dave and son Cassidy had come along so we could make a bit of a holiday out of it.  

This was our first family trip spending any time there (only daughter Haily who was 25 and living in Toronto at the time wasn't able to join us,),  

And at the time our son then 15 had never been to the United States and was interested
in checking it out - even though I had to be back on the Canadian side for the convention
I was speaking at early the next morning so we only had a couple of hours. 

We learned you could walk there in about 20 minutes, over the bridge and then pass
through customs on the other side.   Walking across the bridge sounded like a fun
adventure in itself so we planned to do that with TGIFridays dinner on the other side.  
So off we set with a brand new Canadian flag bag to make the journey.  Nah we dont
look like tourists lol..  

And made our way to the bridge that would take us to America.

Once on the bridge, we stopped to take some pics of the beautiful Falls :

...And some family tourist pics, too....

Me, husband Dave and son Cassidy

Me and son Cassidy.

Still really shocked every time I see how much bigger he is than me! 

It was a long and arduous journey on foot, we were hungry and….a story to tell the grandchildren about coming to America except that it wasn't at all arduous- it was a pleasant 20 minute walk on a nice day.  I guess we were hungry though. After all we were going for dinner!

At the literal halfway point on the bridge I stopped to take a silly picture and posted it on socials :

"I just found out I am nowhere. Or in two countries. Where the hell am I? I walked allllll the way from Canada to the US.,,and then alllll the way back from the US to Canada in one night. #bordertown"

The border guard asked the purpose of our visit to the States.  We told him, TGIFridays
and he smiled and let us proceed, so we continued on foot into the very quiet streets.
CD (it was only 930pm or so but all the tourist action is actually on the Canadian side of
the border other than the actual walking around the falls,) 

So the streets were quiet….not very exciting….but hey we were in New York! (State.)

I did one of my kinda silly Facebook livestreams - you can view that here :

Live stream  from New York : https://www.facebook.com/lamourie/videos/10156873832788783/

We walked around in the dark a bit, took some pics to prove we were stateside :

As we walked towards an area with some restaurants, I was pretty happy to find this (I'm a huge Beatles fan from childhood days, so had to make them stop to wait while I took a couple of selfies with this :

Then we made our way to TGIFridays which I think they also have in Canada but which none of us had ever been to, and asked for a seat outside on the patio where we were joined for most of our dinner by a cure and curious neighborhood cat.  Somehow I don't have a pic of the cat, but I'll scroll for hours through my social media and my husband's til I eventually find it, and when I do I'll post it here for your viewing pleasure since we all know the internet was created for pictures of cats...

Dinner on the #patio in #NewYork with #husband Dave and #son Cassidy.

Cassidy had onion rings

Dave and I shared this fries and chili cheese concoction

Son Cassidy liked their macaroni and cheese

And of course I toasted the experience with a glass of red...

Having a nice #pinotnoir #redwine on the #patio at #tgifridays in #newyork #wine #restaurants #worktomorrowplaytonight #travel

And .. then we walked back over the border to Canada, where the healthcare is free and the leadership is a little more sane...

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